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Cannon Testing is an Independent Test Consultancy specialising in all ERP Software Testing with a niche proficiency in assisting clients where the Test Programme is either failing completely or delivering unstable software to Production. Our clients vary in technology base (SAP/Oracle) and in their requirements of us; anything from advice and strategy work through to building a team capable of delivering multi stream, multi discipline test work. Our areas of core expertise are as follows:

1. Plan your Test Activity: Transparent, collaborative planning and communication is a necessity during a successful Test Programme. Actual progress can only be measured against accurate plans. Positive progress in testing and a solid UAT experience will instill the required confidence in your business to accept the new software and processes into Production. Read More

2. Recover your Test Activity: A combination of factors can lead to a worrying lack of progress in the Test arena. We have multi-project experience across mutiple sectors where we have transformed negative situations into positive ones. We understand this is a sensitive issue so please be assured any contact will be in the strictest confidence. Read More

3. Risk Mitigation: Disciplined Configuration Management processes are a cornerstone of our methods. Tight control of software deployments across all technologies allows us to test in stable environments and produce test results which have integrity. Read More

4. Evolution: Evolution of the business and software solution between Implementation date and 1 year on can be a large task. We can provide you with a low cost, knowledgeable team to manage your testing post deployment. Read More

Clients & Sponsorship

In the last decade and a half we have supported a wide range of clients across a number of industry sectors such as Reltex Africa, The Caravan Club, OCS Group UK, British Telecom, Capita TV Licensing, Marks and Spencer, Camelot, AXA PPP Healthcare...

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Pain &Symptoms

Is your Test Programme Failing? There are a multitude of symptoms that can indicate your Test Programme is either failing or not delivering as it should.

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Careers & Contact

Cannon Testing are a rapidly growing independent consultancy who have core expertise in the field of software testing, recovery of test programmes, end to end testing of business processes, configuration management and IT support..

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