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Test Strategy:

A Test Strategy is an overview that describes the test approach for the software, environments, business processes and security measures under test. We provide a Test Manager to design a test strategy that formally specifies the test objectives, methods & tools, high level timelines, types of resources and environments to be used to meet these objectives. All subsequent Test Plans are written in relation to the Strategy and any resources are hired in line with the agreed budget.
The Strategy allows our clients to understand the different phases and types of testing that will need to be completed. This provides a roadmap through to User Acceptance Testing that is easy to follow at a high level.
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Test Planning:

Robust and accurate Test Planning details tasks, activities and timelines that have synergy with the Test Strategy. Transparent planning allowa Managers and Stakeholders to plan their resources and measure test progress through the test phases.
Clear, concise, agreed Entry and Exit Criteria between phases of testing inform Managers and Stakeholders of the Software Quality as each area completes. It is impossible to test everything or to deliver a defect free software system without endless time, money and resources; so having a trusted view of the software quality from your test team and business resources is of the utmost importance when making decisions about your programme.

Test Programme Recovery:

With over 15 years experience in Testing at all levels across multiple clients we have built our reputation in the marketplace by taking on some of the toughest Test Programmes available. Specialising in ERP and associated Infrastructure we have collaboratively worked through ‘Red’ Test Programmes to recover control, implement best practice and prioritise implementation activities with a pragmatic approach.
It is unfortunate and entirely preventable but unplanned, indisciplined Test Programmes are quite commonplace and leads to a negative view of software testing.
This leads to instability and doubt within the Business and I.T. Teams about the integrity of the solution and can have a damaging effect on the credibility of the whole programme.

We have walked into these situations on multiple occasions with the clear purpose of stabilising the test function, identifying the actions required to meet the objectives and deliver the remaining workload using highly skilled resources who have worked together previously. Our clients ability to trust the results they receive from their Test Function reflects on the integrity of the teams we deploy.

Test Programme Risk Mitigation:

We focus on the risks to your Test Programme. There are many internal risks that can cause instability in the Test arena, but being proactive and managing those risks so that they do not turn into issues has a positive effect on all stakeholders.

The coherency, consistency and reliability of the Test Environments has a direct impact on the ability to deploy successfully to Production Environment. Alongside this we also provide transparent reporting of all environmental access and the potential risks associated with this access.
Our focus on transparent configuration management from the Development to Production Environments allows all stakeholders to review the current builds and outstanding pieces of work that are yet to be deployed. Our primary task is to protect the Production build.

Evolving Business Needs:

If you are purchasing an ERP system then you’re buying into the ERP model of 360 degree visibility of your clients, members, processes and other associated resources. You are looking to streamline your operation and drive down costs. It is our opinion that based on these ideals there will be a requirement to evolve your solution in line with a changing world and your company’s changing role within it. Given that your Business never stands still it is clear that there will be a requirement to change your solution on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis; perhaps new functions or products are added, perhaps the latest SAP Support Stacks will be required for your HCM Team. Either way it would be beneficial to have a knowledgeable, low cost test team on site to manage the testing of the changes through to Production.

We offer a BAU team that will integrate with the Project Team for Integration Test Cycles and UAT; these resources are then knowledgeable about your Business and it’s people and able to stay on site to test your ‘post programme’ changes whilst building a full Regression Test Pack.

Flexible Remote Testing Services:

We understand the requirement to increase the number of resources for short periods of time in order to complete a Test Programme. We offer flexible remote Test Analysts, available in half day slots.

Networking and Connectivity:

We are currently negotiating a joint venture with a networking and support company that will allows us to combine our skills and offer services in hardware, software, telephony, web design and hosting