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Pain & Symptoms

Is your Test Programme causing you pain? There are a multitude of symptoms that can indicate your Test Programme is either failing or not delivering as it should….

Are the Business Requirements understood properly  by the Test Function?
Is your Test Function integrated into design, build and unit test activities?
Is the Test Scope undefined?
Are Entry and Exit Criteria not being met?
Are your Business Team’s expectations being met?
Does your Test Function understand the End to End Business Process including any Business tasks that are completed without software intervention?
Is your Test Function fully engaging with the Business in readiness for UAT?
Are your Test Environments unstable or lacking coherence?
Are the Release Management Schedules consistent and clear?
Do you have clarity around what has been tested and do you have the evidence to support the test results?
Is your Training delivery interrupted by software glitches or poor data?
Does your test Function deliver a regression Pack to support your Business after Implementation?
Are developers fixing items directly in Production?