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Test Phases & Criteria

Test Phases:

Software Testing must focus on different objectives during the multiple phases of testing required to move a programme of work through from inception to delivery. Each phase requires a different level of strategy, planning and management in order to achieve these objectives. We will work with you to create the Test Strategy and Test Plans that efficiently deliver your Software Testing. It is important to understand that this is not always an activity that can be time-boxed to 1 days effort. If multiple 3rd parties, especially offshore suppliers are involved then the Test Strategy can take longer to complete. If this work is completed to a high standard then the return is evident to see later in the programme lifecycle.

Entry and Exit Criteria:

These criteria are used to define any pre-requisite items that must be completed prior to entering or completing a phase of testing. The criteria amount to a checklist of items that are agreed with stakeholders, business resources, 3rd parties and the test function to ensure that an agreed level of quality is achieved before the work is signed off. A separate but similar view of this is Acceptance Criteria which is specifically tailored to UAT Completion and relatesto the acceptance of the software and processes into Production.