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Views of Testing

There has been a tendency over the years for Testing to be seen as a process that slows down delivery to Production.
With some project methodologies this can be seen to be the case due to the timing of testing in the SDLC and it’s dependency on other areas to feed information to it. As an example, a waterfall methodology with teams working in silo’s will naturally lead to an awful lot of pressure on Testing and subsequently on training due to the nature of the non collaborative working practices.
It is safe to say that modern methodologies and improved Technology has seen Testing mature into a vital, integrated part of the SDLC that derives far more benefit for each business it touches.

Testing has also been seen as a non technical skill which anybody can pick up with ease and the assumption is that anybody can join in with testing and it will be successful.

Neither of the views above are true. The views are detrimental to the success of a programme and causes many test programmes to fail rather spectacularly. One of our core competencies is that we can walk into any client, in any situation and pick up the reins. Our teams have worked together before and need no time to settle in; we hit the ground running, fast.
Cannon Testing’s work is planned, collaborative and transparent.